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My experience

Two years ago, I decided to try meditation as a way to reduce my anxiety. Eventhough I tried to look into it by myself, the Headspace application helped me ease into it much better. I realized after following Andy’s(The founder) guidance that Mindfulness and meditation has many more benefits rather than just anxiety-reducing ones.

About 2 months in, with daily 10 minute sessions I saw my first results. A noticeable reduction in anxiety. A year later, a much bigger improvement. Nowadays, I am basically a different person than the one from mid-2017. Stress and anxiety is managed better. Anger is noticed way in advance and I decide whether or not to vent/release it. My focus and my ability to “get in the zone” has also become better.

There are a number of ways to perceive Meditation as. Personally, I see it as my mind’s workout and hygiene sessions. If my fitness needs time to keep up then why not my mind?

"My initial aim was to meditate daily for a year non-stop"

If you haven’t heard of meditation before, don’t be intimidated by it. You just sit still for at least 10 minutes and be mindful of certain things such as your breath(in a nutshell). Andy will give you advice in the form of “homework” that you need to follow on each day depending on the pack that you are completing. Each pack deals with a different area eg anxiety, stress, grief, focus etc. You need to meditate at least 3 times per week to get the benefits though.

If you happen to try it let me know of your experience with it. Finally, if you have any questions just message me and I am happy to help.

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The Syrian refugees wave that has been crashing over Greece for the past few years is something that moves me. I grew up with the stories of my Grandparents, Pontians who were living on the shores of the black sea when Stalin exiled them with a bunch of kids under their armpits to live in the deserts of Kazakhstan.

Always wondered, how that must feel like. To be uprooted, stripped from your property and relocated despite your will; with kids.

Stories of people loosing their close ones during the relocations. People finding each other decades later in some reality shows up to this day.

When they decided to return to Greece, 16 years later, they were treated as unwanted immigrants. Pontians are Greeks for your information. Greece has changed considerably ever since. I like to think that it’s the memories and stories of the hardship that they’ve been through that makes them so empathetic towards the Syrian refugees.

I am incredibly proud for the Greek activists that aid the refugees.

We are on the third memorandum. My people are on the worst possible state I ever remember them on. Some of them fight tooth and nail to remain in Greece and despite their terrible financial state there is one rare commodity which they demonstrate time and time again.